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Article Cannot connect to database
This error will occur within a web application when any of the following conditions are met:...
Views: 1651
Article Files fail FTP transfer
When uploading many files at once (a CMS, for example), it is not uncommon for a few of the files...
Views: 1724
Article I can't login to cPanel
Ensure that caps lock is off, and that you are completely sure what your cPanel password is. If...
Views: 1957
Article I'm receiving a blank page
If your website or web application is displaying nothing but a blank, white page, then chances...
Views: 1938
Article My FTP client says too many connections
The server will often reject a new FTP connection if too many are open for any given account. If...
Views: 1276
Article My webpage is displaying ads
If your website is not pulling up and is instead showing advertisements, the most likely cause is...
Views: 1819
Article My website is running slow
If you are using a forum or content management system, make sure that caching is enabled. Caching...
Views: 1705
Article Page is displaying 404 Page Not Found error
The 404 Page Not Found error means that the user requested a page on the server that does not...
Views: 1339
Article Page says function not found, but the page exists
If your web application uses a function found in a particular file, but the application says that...
Views: 1685
Article PHP failed to include file: File Not Found
The PHP include() File Not Found error will occur when a .php file attempts to include another...
Views: 1359


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